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1.1. In order to make a withdrawal Client has to make an enquiry from Client’s “personal zone” on the Site. In order to complete the enquiry Client has to choose any of the withdrawal methods from the list and fill all the necessary details.

1.2. After a withdraw request is made, it receives a “Requested” status. After the request comes to process, it receives a “In process” status. After receiving “In process” status, funds are removed from balance. Funds will be transferred to the payment system wallet after a request receives a “Processed” status.

1.3. Withdrawal enquires processed by the financial department of Company one by one. The time of the process may take up to two (2) business days. Company reserves the right to increase the processing time.

1.4. Funds can be withdrawn only to the payment system account used to deposit. In case if there is no technical possibility to withdraw funds to the payment system account used to deposit, a method will be chosen by Company, according to Client’s possibilities. In such case payment details should be similar to the Client personal details.

1.5. Client takes full responsibility for the information provided by Client at the enquiry of withdrawal.

1.6. If Client used a bank card for making a deposit withdrawal of funds have be made to same bank card. Client will be able to withdrawal with any other payment method only after withdrawal amount exceeds deposit amount.

1.7. If Client after making a deposit created a withdrawal request without performing any trading Operations the deposit have to be made using same payment credentials and same payment system that were used for making the deposit. Company reserves the right to charge a fee for the return of funds as well as for processing the transaction by the processing system.

1.8. If Client's account is closed due to the violation of the Terms and Conditions, the Company reserves the right to withhold and retain any and all of profits earned by a client.

1.9. If Client's account is closed due to the violation of the Terms and Conditions, the Company, at its sole discretion, may decide to return the funds deposited by a client. In such cases all applicable charges and fees will be deducted from the amount to be received by a client.


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